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Official selection Kerala State Photography exhibition 2018  by Kerala Lalithakala Akademi

Chaplin lines, an International caricature publication by Kerala Cartoon Academy.

Best student live action documentry for Chitrakatha, International design fest, National institute of Design

Official Selection (Documentary film 'Fisherman of Krishna' at 3rd MEIHODO international youth film festival, Japan, 2021

Hi! I’m a 23 year old Communication design graduate from National Institute of Design, Andhra Pradesh. Born and brought up in Kochi, Kerala, I have done 14 years of my schooling at SBOA Public school, Kochi. A young aspirant who is into film making, animation and graphic design, I am willing to undertake any work given to me sincerely. While executing an idea, I focus on the content and choosing the right medium to convey my thought. Illustrating and capturing the life around me, keeping the essence of the moment alive has been my all time favourite pursuit. I’m also an official member of the Kerala Cartoon Academy. 

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