The First ride

Character bible of the story about a boy who wants to learn how to ride a bicycle but ends up failing and seeks the helps of his dad to succeed at his goal.


Krishnan is a 36 year old husband and a father who is working in media as a cartoonist in Kochi, Kerala. Krishnan is 5.4 feet tall and is a family man. He along with his family lives near a temple and is pretty active in society. He is also from a religious family.

The 8 year old Kannan is Krishnan's only son. He is an aspiring and innocent kid studying in class 3 who wants to learn and try new things in his life. Kannan's best friend is his dad as he learns and spends most of his time with his dad.




Character turnaround

Kannan's new bicycle


Character turnaround

Kannan's bicycle is designed in such a way that it has the same colour palette as his costume. The bicycle is small enough for him to ride comfortably.


Character turnaround

Krishnan's bicycle

Krishnan's bicycle also has the same colour palette as his costume.  This is an old vintage bicycle which is not in a good condition. The seat of the bicycle is very high and difficult for Kannan to mount.

Kannan's Expressions

Krishnan's Expressions

Kannan explorations

Krishnan Explorations

Key frames


Gautam Chakraborty

Jema Jose

Deeptanshu Sanyal

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